The Course You’ve Been Waiting for … Your ENTIRE Projector Life 

(It’s possible I’m being a bit over dramatic)

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Untitled design (36)Hello My Lovely Unicorn!

I’ve been thinking about you! This is the first PWYW  (pay what you want) course in what will turn into a community driven library of trainings! I’ve spent the last few weeks putting this course together to help you embrace the awesomeness of being a Projector. There is a lot out there that tell us Projectors what *not* to do…but in my 10 year experiment I have found very little that tells us what the heck to do while we’re waiting. Bit by bit, I began to realize what a Projector should be doing while they are waiting, to start thriving during their waiting period.

I must be honest, I was even surprised by how much awesome stuff came out when I was creating this course and I am over the moon excited to share all of the ‘ah hah’ moments and breakthrough insights I’ve had over the last 10 years and during the creation of this course.

I knew I had lots to share with you. I knew I’d figure out strategies to successfully and joyfully be a Projector. I knew these strategies could help you struggle less than I did. I knew from my personal experience they could help you own a business you love, create a schedule and workload that works for you and your energy, be financially comfortable, and feels deeply seen by the people you spend time with.

I created this specific course in response to several requests I’ve received over the last 3 months to create a course for Projectors and teach them everything I’d learn in my experiment. I was thrilled to finally get the correct recognition to move forward on creating this course, Designed to Shine: A Projectors Path to Thriving in Waiting. It is a creation that has been incubating in me for years, it’s been waiting as I have for the Divine timing and correct recognition to be birthed!

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This thing is packed full of unicorn magic!

The Table of Contents

(aka the magic goods)

Module 1: The Projector’s Aura

Understanding the dynamics of your aura is where this journey begins. Without understanding energetically how you are interfacing with the world, the rest of your strategy doesn’t make sense.

Module 2: The ART of Recognition + Marketing for Projectors

Marketing and recognition is one of the hardest elements of business ownership for a Projector to get right because of the nature of our design. It still needs to happen, but from an entirely different angle from the rest of the world. This module is PACKED full of exercises to help you get a handle on your brand and recognition strategy.

Module 3: Authority

As Projectors we are designed to be recognized and invited. However, not every invitation or recognition is correct for us. We are equipped with authorities – none of which is centered in our thinking mind – to help guide us through this process and ensure we are entering agreements and collaborations that are correct for us and our life path. In this module you’ll learn about your specific authority and the other possible 4 authorities that a Projector might have.

Module 4: Play + Joy in Waiting

Most projectors have playful elements to their personality. Everyone’s expression of play and experience of joy is unique to them, and important part of their human experience. However as a Projector getting this down is a fundamental element of realizing success and ease in your life. We aren’t meant to work hard – but when we aren’t guiding – we are meant to play, explore, and be in joy.

Module 5: Pricing Strategy

Pricing is something that gets everyone all tangled up. For Projectors it’s critically important that they get this piece correct and use criteria that is unique to their energetic design. In this module I take you step by step through a process to determine your target hourly rate that is based in your ideal lifestyle.

Module 6: G – Center + Abundance

Now that we’ve got your mind satisfied with a target hourly rate, it’s time to move into the self love component of abundance. You might think of this section as dealing with mindset work – but even that is a bit misleading. Very few of us are taught what true self-love is, but Human Design gives us a very clear map to navigating our way back to unconditional self-love. In this state, we are always supported in every way.

Module 7: Upping Your Faith Game

Can I get an amen! Some may disagree with me, but I believe that what is asked of a Projector from the Human Design system is almost impossible to fulfill without a faith system. In this module we look at the 3 different levels of prayer and why all three are important. You will also have plenty of opportunities to apply this knowledge.

Module 8: Unexpected Gifts + Gratitude

All of our lives are unexpected, but the Projector’s life is probably the most unexpected journey. For the “doing” energy types to some degree there is an element of “I pulled this lever, and now this thing happened”. For Projectors, who are “being” energy types and who receive based on recognition, there isn’t much direct cause and effect that we get to see. Again faith is very important for us. Celebrating the unexpected ways our dreams are fulfilled is a way to stay connected with this truth. This module will help you to stay grounded and grateful in the unfoldment of the mystery.

BONUS: Final Notes on Thriving in Waiting

In this section I basically download all my final thoughts and warnings as you go out into the world with your new information and perspectives.


  • Many of my approaches might be labeled as unorthodox…like in pretty much every context – so anyone who is “by the book (any of them)” will probably be appalled or something
  • I drop the f-bomb and similar language in the videos from time to time – so if that’s not a deal breaker for you then just consider headphones for others around you who would find that problematic.

Pay What You Want!!

Yay!!!! REALLY this is not a joke or a trick. I give 3 options to choose from that are prices I would consider based on different types of pricing strategy, and then there is a blank spot where you can put in any amount you feel called to.

Why Pay What you Want??

I’m most passionate about helping you access your truth, your authority, your free will, and your individuality. I decided based on that passion and the fact this course is digital – meaning it doesn’t much require me much after the initial creation – this route is the one that I would personally find most fulfilling, supportive, and magical.

In order to get the most out of this experience I suggest the price you pick should be one that works for you. It should be a price you chose based on what feels good, what generates a sense of commitment within you to actually apply the teaching and do the work, and what makes you feel like you invested in yourself or gave yourself permission in some other way.

…fyi – all PWYW digital courses are non-refundable


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