Discover Your Divine Design


(Human Design Intro Masterclass)

What You'll Learn

In this short 25 minute class you’ll learn:

  • Learn what the Human Design Astrology System is
  • Why it matters more than ever right now
  • How to get the most transformation out the system
  • How to get your own FREE chart
  • How to activate your divine design

About Katie

Katie coaches women in fine tuning their business strategies to match their unique human design. She has spent the last 10 years honing her skills in the Human Design system and using her skills to help hundreds of women live more fulfilling and successful lives. Katie is playful, intuitive, and has a gift for translating spiritual truth into practical actionable practices. She considers herself a New Age Christian, seeing many of the tools and practices available in the “woo” world as facilitating the experience of Christ Consciousness (aka Divine Love). Starting with her client’s Human Design chart Katie helps her clients fall in love with their divinely inspired and totally unique nature, she then moves into the practical aspect of helping her clients strategically in their lives. Drawing on her experience at marketing & pr firms, as well as her first business as an online business manager, Katie works as a collaborator with her clients in the process of implementing this new self knowledge into their businesses and careers. She helps them connect with the supportive nature of the Universe and open the door to step into the work they’ve come here to do.