About Katie

Katie is a Soul Mission Coach to women in business. She has spent the last 10 years honing her skills in the Human Design system. Katie is playful, intuitive, and has a gift for translating spiritual truth into practical actionable practices. She considers herself a New Age Christian, seeing many of the tools and practices available in the Woo world as facilitating the experience of Christ Consciousness (aka Divine Love). Starting with her client’s Human Design chart Katie helps her clients fall in love with their divinely inspired and totally unique true nature, and begin to awaken to their soul’s mission. Drawing on her experience at marketing & pr firms, as well as her first business as an online business manager, Katie also helps her clients start the practical work of implementing this new self knowledge into their businesses and careers. She helps them connect with the supportive nature of the Universe and open the door to step into the work they’ve come here to do.

A little of her story…

Katie was raised in South Carolina by a southern belle first grade teacher, and and Irish yankee spiritual intellectual. As such Katie loves big beautiful hats and dresses. She also absolutely lacks any skill for “small talk”.  For Katie, life was both beautiful and tough growing up. Katie was raised to be independent, creative, and with the basic belief that she could use her God given gifts to be whatever she dreamed of. Her parents were kind, loving, smart, funny, good looking, and overall quite charming. She loved her family and her parents. That was the beautiful part of Katie’s life growing up.

The challenging parts were as follow:

  • Age 8 – Dad goes to state mental hospital to be treated with electric shock therapy for depression
  • Age 9 – Family loses house for the first time
  • Age 15 – Dad falls into terrible depression, parents split
  • Age 17 – Mom diagnosed with terminal illness, Early Onset Alzheimers
  • Age 18 – Katie takes power of attorney for mother just after 18th birthday
  • Age 22 – Both parents had passed away. Mom from Early Onset Alzheimers, and dad from cancer

The hard times are what led Katie to uncovering her passion for personal transformational work as well a community building and collaborative work. After losing both of her parents, Katie became emboldened and decided the only life worth living was life on her terms. She also discovered that participating and facilitating collaborative work brought personal healing full circle, and invited magic to unfold around everyone involved.

Over the course of her professional life she has played in many different roles. A personal assistant to Janet Atwood while in college at Maharishi University of Management, the project manager and video producer at a PR firm, the community director at the world’s first ever Self Organized Learning Environment for higher education.

Most recently, Katie has spent nearly the last 3 years building a successful VA business for coaches, speakers and healers. By the end of 2016, Katie felt a life long call to do spiritual and creative work get very loud and finally answered. Katie Fizzy, is part soul mission coaching, part inspiration, part whatever God asks Katie to do.