Why a Statement of Faith?

Because I claim to be a New Age Christian, which combines two things that typically are not combined. Said another way, Christians red flags go up when they hear “New Age” and New Agers red flags go up when they hear “Christian”. I’ve included both because it is the most accurate way to describe my spirituality and practice of faith, and if I’m helping you to reconnect with Spirit and your Soul’s Mission – you deserve to know clearly where I’m coming from.

Let’s Start with what I believe as a Christian…

For the moment and foreseeable future I’ve decided to just share the text of the Phoenix Affirmations as found in Eric Elnes’ book, The Phoenix Affirmations: A New Vision for the Future of Christianity

> Walking fully in the Path of Jesus without denying the legitimacy of other paths that God may provide for humanity.
> Listening for God’s Word, which comes through daily prayer and meditation, studying the ancient testimonies which we call Scripture, and attending to God’s present activity in the world.
>Celebrating the God whose Spirit pervades and whose glory is reflected in all of God’s Creation, including the earth and its ecosystems, the sacred and secular, the Christian and non-Christian, the human and non-human.
>Expressing our love in worship that is as sincere, vibrant, and artful as it is scriptural.

> Engaging people authentically, as Jesus did, treating all as creations made in God’s very image, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental ability, nationality, or economic class.
> Standing, as Jesus does, with the outcast and oppressed, the denigrated and afflicted, seeking peace and justice with or without the support of others.
> Preserving religious freedom and the church’s ability to speak prophetically to government by resisting the commingling of church and state.
> Walking humbly with God, acknowledging our own shortcomings while honestly seeking to understand and call forth the best in others, including those who consider us their enemies.

> Basing our lives on the faith that in Christ all things are made new and that we, and all people, are loved beyond our wildest imaginations—for eternity.
> Claiming the sacredness of both our minds and our hearts, and recognizing that faith and science, doubt and belief serve the pursuit of truth.
> Caring for our bodies and insisting on taking time to enjoy the benefits of prayer, reflection, worship, and recreation in addition to work.
Acting on the faith that we are born with a meaning and purpose, a vocation and ministry that serve to strengthen and extend God’s realm of love.

Now on to the New Age bits…

Basically the New Age bits come in the form of different ways of relating to Spirit, as well as my use of the astrologically based system known as Human Design to help my clients gain greater clarity on how they were uniquely designed. In my New Thought and New Age studies over the last 10 years I’ve learned how to access my intuition, quiet my mind and hear God, and how approach completely mind-bending concepts. I bring these tools into spiritual work and filter/modify them according to my Christian faith.

Why both?

I believe that much of what I learned and experienced through New Age movement filled in many of the missing pieces of my Christian upbringing but cannot stand on their own. Through much study, reflection, and practice, it’s become clear for myself, that the basic structures of practicing faith given to Christians from Jesus are absolutely necessary for my lasting inner peace and spiritual fulfillment.