I’m so excited that you’ve landed here! The work you do in the world is soo important…I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that. You know what you are doing matters – and that you need to grow your business to have the impact you intend to have. And if you’re here I’m betting you also know you need SUPPORT to get there. I’ve created this service just for you. 

Before we get into that, how about we get the “why you should listen to me” part out of the way, shall we? Here goes…

* I’ve spent nearly the last 3 years building a very successful VA business for coaches, speakers and healers.

* For the last 8 years I’ve worked various freelance gigs as well as working on and off behind the scenes of the coaching and personal development world for some of the top people in the profession.

* I spent two years leading the creative teams for digital and video marketing campaigns (I know how to work with creative freelancers)

* I’ve also spent the last 10 years deeply studying and working on facilitating organizational change, fostering a sense of community, and building environments that support collaboration and personal development.

The clients in my VA firm have on average gone through 2 – 4 VA’s before finding me. Honestly, when a lot of my clients met me, they were just about to give up on getting support, and resign themselves to staying small. Which was incredibly painful to them because of the impact they knew they were meant to have on the world.

After hearing the same story again and again, my analytical mind had to know the answer to “what made me different?”. I discovered it was my passion for community building and the process of collaborative work is what really made me different. I realized that in the VA and freelance world many of the most talented, and accountable professionals had none of the training I had under my belt on how to structure and create healthy working relationships. Not only that, but most of my clients also didn’t have training in how to build create collaborative relationships. Their genius laid elsewhere.

Now 3 years into my business, with a nearly full plate, I’ve realized as I’ve had to turn away more and more work (even with growing my own support team) is that there is way more need out there for support than I could provide in my original business model of a VA firm.

I’ve also learned that there are coaches and speakers who are losing thousands upon thousands of dollars – heck some are up to the tens of thousands – every year from making bad hires.

What I’ve come to learn is people’s hiring results are more often than not a function of luck. Some people get great results, others have traumatic experiences and most land somewhere closer to the negative end of the spectrum feeling annoyed and disappointed.

Well the thing is – I’m like REALLY good at surrounding myself with stellar magical support. And I’ve actually developed away of consistently being surrounded by the best people in the world for me. I thought you might like to learn how to hire your most best people in the world for your team. Some of what you’ll experience working with me include: 

❤️  Receiving your unique energetic blueprint

❤️  Learning what your blueprint means about who you hire, and how to bring on the best clients to work with

❤️  Discover how to uncover and share your working styles and needs with a potential hire

❤️  My 5 step process to achieve delegation magic

❤️  The best way to structure a job description for a low maintenance hiring process

❤️  3 things you must do to set the foundation for your working relationship with your new hire.

❤️  The exact structure to use to diffuse stressful conversations while enabling all parties to fully express their truth.

These are the same tools and process I’ll teach you are the same I used to:

  • Obtain and retain clients that are a joy to work with.
  • Double my business every year purely based in passionate referrals 
  • Bring in my current project manager and design assistance who are fabulous. 
  • Has my project manager telling me “I love working with you! It’s like we are little kids playing business!” (I can’t think of a better statement) 
  • Hire rockstar interns during my time with the PR firm.
  • Find my husband within two weeks of deciding I was ready for the long haul (obviously our relationship grew over time before marriage – but I did know 4 weeks in we would get married). 
  • Find ideal roommates every time I needed one in my 20s. 
  • Have friends who support me, are honest, and some of my biggest fans

What you will gain in our time together: 

  • Discover your unique energetic design, and your creation style. 
  • Develop the vocabulary to express who you are to others, in a way that can be heard. 
  • Create your personal blueprint for collaboration and create your business/boss blueprint for collaboration 
  • Create your ideal support team profiles + delegation plan
  • Build your team members job description + lay the magical foundation for attracting your new team member
  • Find your new team member/s – where to post, application review, and interview process

Magic Received Through: 

  • Templates
  • Worksheets 
  • Resources 
  • Weekly group calls 
  • Secret Facebook group 
  • ***Optional add-on: weekly one-on-one coaching session (limited availability) 

CLICK HERE to fill out an application for a compatibility session. I will share with you the 3 aspects of your Human Design that you should hold the most awareness around when making hiring and collaboration decisions. I will also dig deeper with you to determine if I’m really the person best suited to help you. My intention for our time together is to help you gain more clarity in the next step you should take to get the support you need. CLICK HERE to get started.