“My session with Katie was nothing short of LIFE CHANGING. To confirm that my purpose was fixed, that I am exactly who I was meant to be, that some of my seemingly worst attributes were my hidden gifts? What a gift that was. It immediately improved my relationships and my business because I now I know how to create a life around who I am at my core. Thank you, thank you, thank you Katie!”

Paige Filliater

CEO , SpellBox


Is Human Design For You?

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What Other’s are Saying …

“I adore that I can share my vision for a project, then Katie can see the best way to get us there, with a system or process that is a fit for me energetically and strategically. I’m no longer burning myself out and wasting time on strategies that don’t play to my unique strengths and work style. She’s helped me get deeply connect with my own authority, desires and vision.  I can honestly say that without Katie’s support I would not have the business I have today.”

Laura Wright

Sales Ninja + CEO, EPIC at Sales

"Having a reading from Katie has been invaluable! I haven't been able to find that kind of information in any book I've read about Human Design. The knowledge flowed from Katie in such a precise and intuitive way. I love the way it's tailored just for me. I can't believe the power of knowing what I'm actually here to do. Almost every day I look back at what you told me and ask myself how I can step into that more and what it looks like for me today. It was a bit shocking to get that information, so shifting into it has been huge and fabulous at the same time."

Natalie Marie Collins

Business Coach + Author of Biz Plan Book, OilyPlanner


A Little More Client Loveee 🙂

HUGE aha’s from my session with Katie. We were totally able to figure out what was blocking me from some things I really needed to move forward on in my business – and I am starting this week with a whole different outlook on things. I’m bringing all the parts of myself to my business now and it feels great!”

Amy Bradbury

Money Coach, ProfitBoard

“I was really able to melt deeper into self love. With Katie’s love and reflections, I was able to better understand that the things that make me feel so “different” are truly my biggest assets and part of my divine human design. It felt so empowering! Katie created a space where I felt so loved and safe, that I could come back home to who I really am – like when I was a little girl. I remembered what it was like to be as close to God as I can be in this lifetime.”

Ashley Hogan

Intuitive Coach and Priestess, Gifts of the Goddess