Magical Unicorn VA Training 101

Hi Magical Unicorn! 

I’m so happy you’ve landed here. It is my deep desire to help you learn how make the most out your VA business. 

How about we get the why you should listen to me part out of the way, shall we? Here goes…

I’ve spent nearly the last 3 years building a very successful VA business for coaches, speakers and healers. For the last 8 years I’ve worked various freelance gigs as well as working on and off behind the scenes of the coaching and personal development world for some of the top people in the profession. 

I’ve personally seen  and heard some of the what the backend operations in these coaching and speaking businesses look like. I’m sad to say – a lot of it isn’t pretty and definitely not magical. I’ve seen a lot of VAs and freelancers be taken advantage of, undervalued, and not given credit for the huge contribution they make to these operations.  And every time I see this in the transformation industry it breaks my heart and then I get all pissy about it. I thought actually helping the situation would be a better use of my time than being pissy – so I created this course. 

It’s also worth knowing that in addition to my creative and technical work, I’ve also spent the last 10 years deeply studying and working on facilitating organizational change, fostering  a sense of community, and building environments that support collaboration and personal development. 

Well, as it turns out my passion for community and collaborative work turned out to be a huge asset when I went into the VA and freelance world because I had a lot of training under my belt on how to structure and create healthy working relationships. 

It’s not to say I’ve never had a client sharpen my boundary skills, but overall I’ve had clients who are a joy to work with, who pay me exceedingly well, and who deeply appreciate the work I do. 

As far as I know, there isn’t anyone else teaching what I’m teaching. Mainly because what I’m teaching is all about YOU. Seriously, everything I teach is exclusively centered on custom designing relationships, schedules, processes, and systems are completely centered on you (whoever you are) as an individual. This means ALL of you – even the parts of you that maybe you don’t like so much. We can also work on you getting on board with all of you – but the point here is our less charming parts need to also be considered and honored as we design our life. Almost no one has heard of the tools I use in my training and business until I introduce them, becuase not to be too much of a hipster magical unicorn – they are mostly cutting edge. 

So here’s the deal – I work with the unicorn people of the world (aka weirdos) – if you aren’t a unicorn person. 

Here is the 5 week path: 

  • Week 1: Learn how become irresistible and instantly respected. 
    • Gain deeper insights into how you show up, your working and collaboration styles, where you thrive and they type of clients who benefit the most from working with you. 
  • Week 2: Create your ideal client and collaborator profiles
  • Week 3: Build the systems you need to attract clients who are a joy to work with, and filter out the rest 
  • Week 4: Learn how to gracefully set boundaries 
  • Week 5: Learn how and when to let a client go 

Course Delivered through: 

  • Video lessons
  • Templates
  • Worksheets 
  • Resources 
  • Weekly zoom calls (schedule TBD based on group availability) 


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