I freaking LOVE my team!! When you have the right people at your side, as far as I’m concerned WE is infinitely better than ME. Having a team and collaborating is actually what enables us to come to know ourselves. Only in relationship, can we really find our edges, contrast, and gifts. 

Katie Fitzpatrick

Magical Unicorn

Untitled design (6)Katie Fitzpatrick, Chief of Staff + Magical Unicorn

Katie was raised in South Carolina by a southern belle first grade teacher, and and Irish yankee spiritual intellectual. As such Katie loves big beautiful hats and dresses. She also absolutely lacks any skill for “small talk”.

Katie has spent nearly the last 3 years building a very successful VA business for coaches, speakers and healers. As it turned out her passion for community and collaborative work turned out to be a huge asset when she went into the VA and freelance world because of so much training under her belt on how to structure and create healthy working relationships. Well now she has opened up a new chapter to help more coaches find their magical VA.

Over the course of her professional life she has played in many different roles.  While serving as a personal assistant to author Janet Attwood in college at Maharishi University of Management she got experience in planning and running events. In addition to assisting Janet in her business she also had the opportunity to organize events for Janet’s friends, including Stephen Covey and Lynne Twist.  After finishing her studies in business management at Maharishi University of Management, she served as the project manager and video producer at a PR firm, director of operations at a small business digital marketing firm, and then the community director at the world’s first ever Self Organized Learning Environment for higher education. After all three of those organizations lost funding in way or another, she decided to bet on herself, leading her to build her VA firm, Idealist New Media. 

Untitled design (11)Rochelle Hudson, Project Manager + Collaboration Wizard

Rochelle is not only one of those people who is freakishly competent in all things, she also brings a rare combination of logistical know-how, creative thinking, and empathic intuition that made her my top choice for a project manager hands down. She’s also a trained facilitator in one of my all time favorite tools for building strong relationships and standing in our truth, The Blueprint of WE. If you are interested in her work in this process, please feel free to ask her about it. 

From Rochelle:

“I’ve worked with startups for 3+ years, moving businesses through tough situations with clarity and community. I’m excited to work people who care about transformation & community.

I have degrees in Cognitive Science and Evolutionary Biology, created research paradigms on social cognition for patients with Alzheimers, and worked as a warehouse supervisor.

I help people create more dynamic, resilient relationships via the Blueprint of We and Agile Learning tools.

The Blueprint of We is used in 100+ countries to build, sustain, and transition collaborative relationships with trust and respect. Blueprints enable participants to custom design relationships to fit who they are and what they want to design together.

Agile Learning Centers are a rapidly expanding network of schools that use Agile tools to support self-directed learning. Agile tools create effective self-management, clarity of purpose, and the easy integration of new patterns as needs change, at both the personal and community level.”

Untitled design (12)Carly Deyton, Design Assistant + Pixie Duster

Carly wears many hats and would much rather be busy than bored.  Carly graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in photography and writing. This quickly became the foundation for a career in marketing. She used her degree to work in a public relations firm, magazines, and even took a stint out west to work at a tourist photographer in Wyoming. Like a sponge, she soaked up all the knowledge and experience she could, while maintaining her values.

Through her evolution as a professional photographer, she realized she was working primarily with small business owners who needed good shots to promote their business. All the gears clicked into place and she realized she had all the skills necessary to assist these small businesses.

She currently resides in Knoxville, TN with her fiancé. She travels nationally and internationally for work.