Want To Go On A Unicorn Journey!?


You Have a Unique Divinely Inspired Energetic Design and Soul Mission.

My dream for you is to realize the truth of who you are. The truth is you really are kind of weird, and you really are unique… BUT you are not a misfit and you are not a failure. You are divinely designed to fit perfectly and uniquely with all of humanity. You have a path to success that is totally unique to you. You have a soul and it has a mission. When you live in alignment with who you were designed to be and seek to live out your soul’s mission magic begins to unfold in your life.

Luckily, sometime during the 80’s someone channeled an astrological system that includes all the other systems you’ve heard of, some you probably haven’t, and combines all of them into a totally new system that offers a blueprint to who you really are – who you were designed to be. The system is called Human Design.

I’ve been studying Human Design for the last 10 years to create a life that works for me. It’s a life that I am excited to wake up and live everyday. It’s a life I dreamed of, one where I get my needs met by simply being and expressing who I am. It’s a life that I would have never built without this knowledge. I’ve created a 4 month journey that allows you to benefit from 10 years of paradigm shifting insights I’ve gained in my process of getting clear on who I am and loving who I am. This is a journey to contacting your truth and living it out loud.

“Working Katie was nothing short of LIFE CHANGING. To confirm that my purpose was fixed, that I am exactly who I was meant to be, that some of my seemingly worst attributes were my hidden gifts? What a gift that was. It immediately improved my relationships and my business because I now I know how to create a life around who I am at my core. Thank you, thank you, thank you Katie!”

Paige Filliater

Founder + CEO , SpellBox

“I adore that I can share my vision for a project, then Katie can see the best way to get us there, with a system or process that is a fit for me energetically and strategically. I’m no longer burning myself out and wasting time on strategies that don’t play to my unique strengths and work style. She’s helped me get deeply connect with my own authority, desires and vision.  I can honestly say that without Katie’s support I would not have the business I have today.”


Laura Wright

CEO , EPIC at Sales

Journey Outcomes


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  • Fully understand your unique Human Design chart
  • Begin creating wealth in a sustainable way in alignment with your unique design
  • Release old patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Stop your cycles of burnout

HUGE aha’s from my session with Katie. We were totally able to figure out what was blocking me from some things I really needed to move forward on in my business – and I am starting this week with a whole different outlook on things. I’m bringing all the parts of myself to my business now and it feels great!”

Amy Bradbury

Money Coach, Profit Board

You’re Invited to take this Journey with me if you are ready to…


  • RELEASE everything that is NOT you
  • Fall in LOVE with what is truly you
  • Fall in LOVE with everything that you are not
  • Tap into the WISDOM found in your limits
  • Gain deep understanding of your GIFTS and life themes
  • UNLOCK the power of your unique abundance code
  • Understand the way you uniquely process ENERGY

What’s Included…

>>> 12 total 1:1 sessions (3/ month)

>>> 4 total LIVE group call support

>>> Private facebook support group with fellow participants

>>> 9 Video Lessons (1/ energy center)

>>> Weekly design integration homework

>>> 4 Day Mountain Magic Permission to Play Slumber Party (Asheville, NC – date TBD)



Book your Foundational Human Design Reading

The investment to take the Soul’s Mission 4 Month Journey is $3,500. The first step in the Journey is a Foundational Human Design Reading, an investment of $495. After our reading you’ll have the opportunity to commit to the remainder of your Soul’s Mission Journey. The $495 will be applied towards the $3500. If after our reading we see it’s not a good time for the entire 4 month journey you are not committed to pay for anything beyond our reading. Payment options for the remaining balance are also available.

“My mind is still reeling from everything I learned. She so masterfully helped me understand my secret for making decisions (who I should reach out to, big business decisions, and even some cool tricks specific to my design for closing sales!) WOO HOO! I feel like I’m equipped with some potent magic that will truly help me be a better coach and business owner. I highly recommend a session with Katie for all coaches!

Eyenie Schultz

CEO + Founder , Technicolor Priestess