Katie is a gifted speaker.  Her audience members often comment on how much they enjoy her humor, honesty, and vulnerability paired with smart, practical and to – the -point nuggets of wisdom. Katie’s commitment to community, celebration, and the liberation of spirit ensures audience members walk away feeling more connected, uplifted and empowered. Katie can custom design her talks to most time limits and can give them in a variety of formats to meet the needs of your particular event. The audiences that most connect with Katie’s message are those in the space of transformation, healing, and creative living. Below you’ll find some of Katie’s favorite topics: 

How to Interview to Identify Magical Team Members 

Often genius is merely knowing the correct questions to ask. Katie has spent the last 8 year learning various models of inquiry based group facilitation. Through this experience she has also gained an uncanny ability to know which questions to ask and when. In this talk, Katie will reveal the 3 magic questions to identify who is the perfect new addition to your team who will amplify the magic and results in your business. 

The Magic of Play + Celebration in Your Business 

One thing that Katie’s clients love most about her is what they describe as a “light, bubbly, uplifting” energy to the nitty gritty of getting things done. Over the years, Katie has come to realize that not everyone is in the habit of playing and celebrating (this really was surprising to her). Katie intuitively understands how play, celebration and little bit of humor can help you and your team get through the hard parts of success, and coming out the other side with more love, connection, and respect for each other. Something…something…. a spoon full of sugar? 

The Secrets to Collaboration Magic

If you haven’t noticed, Katie really likes groups! However, what may not be quite so obvious is that Katie is equally a champion for individual expression and exploration. In fact she loves nothing more than to spend an entire day creating all on her own and not talking to anyone. This is actually the secret to great collaborations. Collaboration isn’t about “togetherness” or even “unity”. Collaboration is about how diversity fits together in all it’s individualistic beauty. Brining about this kind of harmonized collage of individualism is easier said than done. In this talk Katie tells you the 3 things as a leader and/or team member that you must do, if you wish to experience collaboration magic. 

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