I am a VA and I want to join the Magical Unicorn Network!

The Magical Unicorn VA and Creative Freelancer Network isn’t just for anyone. If the following applies to you, than you might just be a good fit for our network. 

  • You want to do your work in the world of personal transformation 
  • You have hopes of one day becoming a coach, author, or speaker
  • You don’t want to be a coach, author, or speaker but you are deeply committed to doing work that helps transforms our world
  • You seek work relationships that partnership oriented
  • You are a jack or jill of all trades 
  • You are smart, creative, and resourceful 
  • You are empathetic, doing your own personal development work, and actively seek growth opportunities. 
  • You see your work as a business that you are the leader of (even if it’s just you in the business)

The benefits of being a part of The Magical Unicorn VA and Creative Freelancer Network includes:

  • Only available to those who successfully completed Magical VA Training 101
  • Ongoing access to high quality leads,  who’ve all met the following requirements: 
    • Successfully completed: Hire Your Magical VA + Team 101
    • Seeking to be in collaborative relationships 
    • Is committed to paying support staff well and fairly 
    • Understands the huge impact a VA and other creative staff has on their business 
  • Ongoing private peer – to – peer support group 
  • Discounts of 15 -50 % off of Unicorn MBA courses and events 


If you haven’t yet completed Magical VA Training 101, please CLICK HERE to fill out an application to join our next class. Space is limited to 8 participants/class.