Rainbow After Storm

May the storm not turn you into cynics

Your Hope is the sun shine

Your Hope shines through the rain

Your Hope blesses the world with a rainbow


The rain is here and the sky is now grey 

You can’t control the rain 

You can control the gains

Simply choose Hope to see a change take place 


See your Hope’s light on sheets of downpour rain 

Your Hope shows the Truth

Truth now seen as Beauty 

Magic is now flowing from our rainbow


 Life’s rainbows moves us from cynicism

and then we shift  to Hope

As more of we choose Hope

The rain and clouds elope, our light shines bright


The environment is freshly cleansed now

Now the ground is refreshed

Mother Earth is nourished

All has it’s place in creation


Our Hope during rain creates the rainbow

Our cynicism amplifies the storm.

Magic is in our choice

Hope shifts us into a start of new life


(And notice, when the sun shines on the rain it is not ignoring nor denying it. It highlights it. You could even say it collaborates with it. to create something beautiful and inspiring. – A side note from Katie )